Mosaic Lamps

Turkiyexports is a company specializing in handmade mosaic lamp production. In addition to Turkish and Ottoman mosaic lamp models, the company also offers modern mosaic lamp designs. Each handmade mosaic lamp is a work of art, made with great care and attention to detail. The craftsmanship and design of these lamps can illuminate any interior space. As a Handmade Mosaic Lamp Company in Winnipeg, our unique designs, quality materials, and handmade craftsmanship set us apart in the industry. Although our production facility is located in Bayrampaşa, Istanbul, we can ship our handmade mosaic lamp products anywhere in the World, including Winnipeg if agreed upon through our communication channels.

Mosaic Lamp Models

Handmade Mosaic Lamp Manufacturer in Winnipeg, offers a variety of mosaic lamp models. The company’s collection includes Turkish and Ottoman-style mosaic lamps as well as modern and contemporary styles. Mosaic lamps of different sizes, colors, and shapes are ideal for any interior decoration. The products in our company’s mosaic lamp collection stand out with their handmade and unique designs. Each mosaic lamp is carefully and meticulously produced by skilled craftsmen. The materials used in the production of mosaic lamps are also of high quality and durable. As a result, customers can use their mosaic lamps for many years. Our Handmade Mosaic Lamp Company in Winnipeg aims to add an aesthetic and elegant atmosphere to customers’ homes, workplaces, or hotels with its mosaic lamps.

Turkish Mosaic Lamp

Turkish mosaic lamps are one of the most beautiful examples of traditional Turkish handicrafts. Karlık Turistik offers unique products by combining the traditional designs of Turkish mosaic lamps with modern designs. The colorful glass pieces and gilded details of Turkish mosaic lamps bring any interior to life.

Ottoman Mosaic Lamp

Ottoman mosaic lamps are modern versions of the lamps used during the Ottoman Empire period. Karlik Turistik reinterprets Ottoman mosaic lamps with original designs and high-quality materials. The patterns and colors of the glass pieces in Ottoman mosaic lamps especially create a warm atmosphere in the space.

Mosaic Glass Lamp

Glass is the most important material in mosaic lamps. Karlik Turistik carefully selects glass pieces and combines them with original designs. Glass pieces in different colors add depth and richness to mosaic lamps.